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A judicious mastermind with numbers, Christian is always thinking what’s best for the person behind the business when crunching the numbers.

At Jarvis we don’t make assumptions on what’s important to you.

Instead, we get to know the person behind the business, which means we can think like you and understand what truly matters for you, your business and lifestyle. It’s how we provide for our clients’, not just by crunching numbers, but by building a relationship in which we can help you get what you want.

Success isn’t an accident, it’s a decision.
Our planning sessions help kick start you with a clear direction.

We want to see you and your business succeed. Frequent meetings throughout the year allows us to review the performance of all aspects of your business as we work towards your personal and business goals.

Accountability is core to success, and having us by your side throughout the entire journey ensures the drive and focus never wavers away from what you want to achieve.

As your business develops, our relationship with you develops as well, meaning we are already there when you need advice, support, encouragement, a sounding board, or just a chat and a cup of coffee.

Tax, it shouldn’t be a surprise, so let’s have a plan and move on to more exciting things. We get it. No one likes paying for tax returns. But if you’re going to pay for it make sure it’s done well!

Annual returns and financial statements can be confusing. We take it personally that we interpret this information in a meaningful way to you. If it’s still confusing, our job isn’t done. Quality information also allows us to highlight areas of opportunity to leverage on your strengths.

This is your engine room, and you need it humming before we start making modifications.

We love systems. Completely reviewing the way you operate is one of the first tangible ways to make improvements in efficiency, streamlining your business and giving you greater peace of mind. It’s hard to build on something when your operation isn’t running as smoothly as it should.

We’ll highlight areas of improvement and restructure to ensure you’re getting the most out of the day to day running of your company. For greater profitability potential, having a well-oiled machine will ensure you achieve maximum performance. 


We get it, sometimes in business it can feel like you’re an army of one and you’ve got to deal with it alone. 

Give Christian a call so he can help you and share the load.


Christian Neilson
Christian Neilson
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