Ka Beauty - Felicity Toumi

Pampering with Purpose...

Have you ever been for a facial and thought “What else can I do to pamper myself today?”

You’re not alone.

The reason why I came up with the Ka Spa concept is because it became apparent that many of us feel the exact same way, where we’ll be lying on the therapy bed thinking of the all the ways we can maximise this experience so that we can get the most enjoyment out of it as possible!

Welcome to Ka Spa. The word ‘Ka’ is an ancient Egyptian word which means life force, which is there to help remind us that true beauty lies within and when we honour and nurture our true life force we naturally magnify all of the wonderful experiences in our life.

I look forward to meeting you and through my tranquil setting and practices I know you’ll find deeper connection with yourself (your own life force) and enrich your life.

Many Ka Blessings,

Felicity Toumi

Business name
Ka Beauty