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Hi, my name is Kirsty.

I'm a Christchurch-based independent photographer. I specialise in children, individual and family photography in the natural environment. I can also turn a photo into an incredible piece of photographic art using modern photo-editing technology. 

I see beauty in everyone and all around me. My dream is that, through my work others might see their special unique beauty and value in this world. All too often I see that people do not value themselves nor see their own amazing beauty.

I believe if I could help others to see themselves as I do it might just change their life. So that’s me, I want to change your life :-) I want to show you something you may never have seen before. I want to take you on a journey and experience to discover your own amazing beauty and value.

I want to capture memories for family and people that for years to come they and their children can treasure. I remember looking at our family photos growing up and the scene of belonging it gave me.

I love to create, whether it is through photography, art, acting, it feeds my soul and makes me come alive and I know I am doing what I was created to do. Through the art of photography I have found a purpose for my passion.

In a heartbeat time goes by, before we know it our kids have grown and were left wondering “where did the time go”? I dream of creating images that a unique to you and your family. 

Let's create something together that you and your family cherish for the generations to come. I want to take moments in time and turn them into art. 


For a full price list and to discuss your vision please contact me

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Kirsty King-Turner Photo Art