Learning Workshops - Derek Chirnside


“Focus” or the ability to focus is like a muscle. Use it, work it to develop it and become better at concentration. You will save so much time and do so much better. It’s simple to describe what to do, but actually it is quite hard work. But it’s worth it.


Learning Workshops exists to help students to improve their learning at High School, Polytechnic or University.

We provide support and mentoring to learn and develop robust habits to help with the process of study. It is about clarity of goals, focus and the right sort of effort. 


This support comes in the form of

  • Workshops
  • an online course
  • personal mentoring & coaching.


We are based in Christchurch, but we can work online and sometimes do workshops out of town.


Derek has been teaching since 1977 in primary, secondary, university and polytech settings. Mainly physics, but also maths, movies, chemistry as well as a lot of courses on “How to teach”.

Since 1999 he has been researching how we learn best, and ways to improve this process: to make it faster and give better results. The workshops and the online course has emerged from what he learned from his research


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