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I'm a Life Mechanic, much like a car mechanic fixes 'car problems' I fix 'life problems'.  So whether you want to tune up a life that's already running well or you want to restore an old jolopy, Life Mechanics is for you.


Life mechanics is a grounded, practical set of tools to help you navigate this thing called life. I am a Graduate of the Robbins-Madannes Training Centre in Strategic Intervention, I have gained Level 4 of Healing Touch, have studied Trauma Release exercises and I am also a graduate of one year’s study in Chinese Medicine.


So what ever you need I have the tool in my tool kit to help you toward an easier future.

Health - Mind Coach
Dayle Hunt
Dayle Hunt
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Dayle is unique! He is an expert in the art of teaching people how to be resilient and be the best version of themselves. Dayle is empathetic and encourages people to feel and express whatever they need to in a way which will leave them empowered. This is especially effective with the work that he is invited to do in schools . He is funny, witty, and brings a wisdom all of his own. On top of this I must recommend his skills as a certified Healing Touch Practitioner which has helped tremendously when I have needed it. Two thumbs up is not adequate, thank you Dayle!