Lifeboat - life Coaching & Navigation - Sue Beach

Lifeboat specialises in trauma, anxiety and grief issues (TAG) by encouraging and guiding you to take charge of your own health and self confidence. 

We guide and support groups and individuals to build resilience by using collaboration, connection and self compassion.

I have always enjoyed helping others during my 30 years working in the health industry.  I love being able to encourage and guide people to get the best out of life whether it's in their professional or private environment. I'm very understanding of people's cultures, personalities and sensitivities.

My other love besides helping others is entertaining. I love to make people laugh and I enjoy public speaking to small or large audiences. With these things in mind, life coaching and motivational speaking are definitely my dream career.

I want to share all the skills, and more, that I have to offer with as many people as possible.


Personal Coach