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Lifestyle Genie - offering practical non-invasive solutions that deliver results.


Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and most products on the market DON’T deliver.


To maintain a youthful glow, to have radiant healthy skin doesn’t mean you need to resort to painful injections and drastic measures.


And lets face it - Skin care and supplements can be a daunting arena.

Sassy marketing and gorgeous models and actors don’t always give you YOUR best options.


So if, like me:

  • you want to look youthful and radiant so that how you look in the mirror matches how young you feel on the inside, and you want to do it naturally
  • you want to remain healthy, fit and active for many years to come so you can still go dancing when you're 85 and just enjoy and fully engage in life
  • you have a dream and you don't want to wait until 'retirement age' to do those things on your bucket list
  • You want to enjoy retirement without having to downgrade your lifestyle

then stay tuned. 


My goal is to INFORM, INSPIRE and EMPOWER so you can create the freedom you dream of to be in charge of your life.


Check out our online store to find the best products we have found - ethically sourced and scientifically curated to ensure the best of nature gives you the best results.


We have done the research and the leg work, so you can avoid all of the confusion and finally use products that deliver.


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Zansie Maye
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Member Reviews

Thank you Zansie for the Powerslips Lipstick. I put in on this morning and it's still there. I actually put a very, very small touch of clear gloss over the top which gives it a small shine. Normally I leave lipstick on all my coffee cups - well not longer! Thanks so much Zansie.