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Lisa has over 12 years’ experience in the industry working in various roles within the insurance sector from claims to underwriting and broking. 

I have experienced first-hand how events can change your life in an instant, but also the impact of how well managed personal affairs can leave things and make things just that little bit easier for your family in what will be undoubtedly some of their most stressful times. 

Understanding your needs and requirements is the most important thing to me so that I can provide the best advice, and the most appropriate products and solutions for you and your family.  I will work with you and you can rely on me to assist at any stage throughout the process.

Insurance is transferring your risks to an insurance company.  Your health generally doesn’t get better as your get older so the earlier your transfer your risk to the company, the more risk the insurance company will hold

I work with people on insurances such as…

Health Insurance -  Having private health insurance can mean that you’re able to see your GP, be referred to a Specialist and be treated for your condition without waiting for a slot to become available on the public waiting list - with minimum delay.

Life Cover – Pays a lump sum is available to enable your family to lead the life you want if you pass away or become terminally ill.  The intention of this cover is to also ensure that the funds that you are intending to use in your retirement would not be used prior to this time in the untimely death of one partner.  A bereavement support benefit can provide an early payment to help cover funeral costs.

Critical Illness (Trauma) Cover – This policy will pay you a lump sum on the actual occurrence of a defined critical condition covered by your policy.  Examples of include cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Total Permanent Disablement (TPD) – This policy pays a lump sum that will help make life easier if you become totally and permanently disabled or ill and are unable to ever work again in your usual occupation.

Income and Mortgage Protection Cover - Provides you with a monthly payment if you’re unable to work, due to illness or injury, for more than ten hours a week. This can pay up to 75% of your pre-disability income.

As well as ACC Structures Kiwisaver and more.

Look after the biggest asset you have... Your health!

 Lisa Davis
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