Lisa Rudman Creative - Lisa Rudman

Lisa is the founder of Lisa Rudman Creative, an illustration and design brand. Her work typically incorporates black and white linework, bright pops of colours, and vibrant typography. Lisa's artwork is inspired by nature, patterns and positivity, and her portfolio reflects this. Each piece of art created shows a sense of the unique vibes of the places she visits and the experiences she has. Lisa illustrates in a variety of mediums, but my two most popular styles are black ink illustrations and watercolour paintings.

At Lisa Rudman Creative, we love to create original and custom-made artwork and illustrations, wall murals, and branded images across businesses, website and social media. We also offer art licensing from our ever-growing portfolio of illustrations.

If you want something special and a bit different, then Lisa Rudman Creative is always open to new art and design opportunities.


Graphic Designer