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Alana Young is the Managing Director of Little Biz Wiz Ltd.

A small business operating in the North Canterbury region which aims to help small trade business with their daily activities. Little Biz Wiz is focused on improving efficiencies by using technology and utilising the functions within the cloud based products

Alana is an experienced Bookkeeper who has a diploma in Accounting, and for the past ten years, has been involved in small business finances and administration.

She has always been the “problem solver” in both her working and personal life as she is practically minded which allows her to quickly evaluate what is needed. These skills, teamed with her ability to communicate well, make Alana a great team player with the ability to provide results.

Alana has a passion for helping businesses to understand their financial situation and allowing them to prosper through accurate bookkeeping plus assisting them in their internal job management systems; strong processes and administration practices.

Little Biz Wiz is a practice which specialises with trades services. With extensive experience with the trade industry we can help you to streamline your business's operational workflows, which will subsequently improve your bookkeeping efficiencies. We work hard to evaluate each of our clients position/situation/preferences, as we understand that we are all different.

Little Biz Wiz has developed a strong network of professional services that help the company, and clients, through managing business activities. This network has created a strong knowledge base and allows the company to provide a full range of services for those who need additional assistance.

If you value clear communication along with an efficient bookkeeper & administrator, call Alana today to find out how she can help you and your business.

Alana Young
Alana Young
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