Manage Your Move - Heather McArthur

Families are often spread throughout the country or have other commitments, meaning they are unable to help when it comes to downsizing or estate clearance – that’s where we come in.

Specialising in downsizing, decluttering and estate clearance, Manage Your Move is local and personalised, helping clients to sort possessions and re-home what’s not needed, in the most useful way possible.

We have a simple process to help work out what to keep and what not to, and arrange and manage everything from the movers, cleaners, any maintenance or repair jobs, through to preparing the property for sale, and helping sort the utilities at the other end.

We provide a written plan of action and a package price so there are no surprises. Our focus is on providing a streamlined service with minimal stress to our clients, while allowing them to remain firmly in control.

For a professional and empathetic service call Heather to see how Manage Your Move can help.