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From a recent past background as a school principal, I bring to the insurance advisory role, an extensive range of skills, not least of which is a passion for engaging with people from all walks of life. As a Broker, I am able to source the best insurance package for my clients from a wide range of providers that is best suited to their needs.

I specialise in tailoring and restructuring people’s existing insurance portfolio’s and any new cover, to ensure long-term affordability and sustainability.

If you are noticing that your annual premiums are beginning to rise, it is pretty sobering to know that between the ages of 40 to 70; typical “stepped” (rate for age) insurance premiums go up by:

  • Life premiums go up by 1000%
  • Trauma goes up by 2000% and
  • health goes up >2000%.

I am able to “level” core parts of your premiums through restructuring to save you tens of thousands of future premium costs to ensure that you are still covered at the age when you are mostly likely to want to receive the policy benefits by locking in the premiums at today’s rates. It’s never cheaper than doing this now. I show all my clients the data that sits behind all my recommendations so that you can see with total transparency when it is always cheaper to go with a levelled options.

Feel free to check out my website on or call me on 027 5310611

Mark Scown
Mark Scown
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Unit 4, Level 1, Parkside Plaza,
333 Harewood Rd
Christchurch 8053
New Zealand

Member Reviews

Mark helped us through the process of getting a proper life insurance plan together. He was great to work with, efficient with communication, and it felt like an effortless process to get this all sorted. We are really happy with his recommendations and the price that he got for us fitted well with our budget too. Thanks Mark.