Matley Christchurch - Richard Cumins

Richard is the Christchurch Partner for Matley. He has over 15 years’ experience in the trade and construction industry and has worked for merchants and suppliers in a wide range of roles ranging from project supply and inventory management to pricing and detailed plan take-offs. Richard completed his accounting and business studies in 2012 and joined a large national contracting company as an accountant where he held various roles in management and financial accounting. 

Richard believes in being your trusted Advisor who is involved in your business as it happens as opposed to ‘after the fact’. This is the role he prides himself in so that his clients are happy that not only is their compliance needs met, but they also receive support, guidance and understand what the “numbers” are telling them about their business performance and growth. He calls this going “beyond the numbers”.

To achieve this understanding, Matley’s vision is to be progressive, to provide the best possible tools for small and medium businesses, a strong Accountant relationship, and the best possible chance to achieve success. To this end, we work for you.

Matley is focused on the leading trends in tax legislation so that our clients can receive the maximum tax concessions while keeping within the law.

With this in place, you can confidently navigate through the sometimes turbulent waters of the business environment knowing there is an ally at hand. 

Richard believes in keeping accounting simple and relevant; to ensuring people understand the numbers and to apply practical things in order to make a difference for their business or themselves.