Mediation Services - Tracy Scott

Community Mediation is NOT just for community groups, we work with experienced, professional mediators to provide a MODEL of mediation practice that is focused on providing quality professional conflict management and resolution services to the community.

We look after individuals and any community group. We work with experienced, professional mediators to provide of mediation practice that is focused on.

  • Providing free/low cost mediation services to all sectors of the community, across all types of disputes outside of those held within government agencies
  • Being a source of referral to other community groups
  • Encouraging collaborative partnerships to offer communities services and education to effect positive change when dealing with conflict
  • Conducting public awareness campaigns and education activities about the values and practices of mediation and conflict management
  • Providing an encouraging, supporting and mentoring environment for community mediators engaged with the service
  • Providing overall support to the community

Mediation Services provides the following services:

  • Community Mediation
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Conflict Reduction
  • Early Intervention Strategies
  • Large group facilitation
  • Education and Awareness


What makes Christchurch Mediation Services stand out

We provide affordable mediation services. Cost is no barrier to participation. We have access to funding that allows us to support low income individuals/community organizations to attend mediation.

  • We provide accessible mediation services. Many of the other pathways to mediation have requirements and often restrictions to participation, we are available to ALL types of disputes and concerns
  • We work in a co-mediation model. Two mediators are specially selected for the best needs of BOTH parties, to ensure better service to participants and for quality control.
  • We work around YOU...times, days and locations can be coordinated to work around your schedules and your needs.
  • We work best as an EARLY INTERVENTION assist and help in de-escalating situations and hopefully avoiding court and legal pathways.


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