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I’m Mel Boustead - a high-energy business mentor with a flair for delivering innovative growth strategies and putting the oomph back into your sales team!

MelSells was created from my belief that every business owner deserves to enjoy their business. After 20 years in sales and management, I’ve seen too many clients get tangled in day-to-day issues and suffer from stress, lost confidence, and lost revenue as a result. 

I realised it often took an outside perspective for clients to move past their current challenges, start seeing success, and rediscover the passion that led them to start their business in the first place.

I create tailored growth strategies for my customers, giving them honest, expert advice in a friendly and empathetic way. My programmes are effective and will inspire your team.

 Working with me will give your team the confidence to achieve results beyond their own expectations and revitalise your business in the process!

Let’s catch up for a chat over a coffee (or a cheeky wine), and learn how my track record of delivering great results for businesses can work for you.


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Mel Boustead
Mel Boustead
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