Ministry of Social Development - Sarah Parker


The alignment of a Work Broker with Selwyn District Council (SDC) will focus on matching local job seekers with employers looking for staff as the region starts to get back on its feet following the Covid-19 lockdown.

Sarah Parker, Work Broker at the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) will be working with SDC to support local businesses that are seeking to release staff due to trading circumstances following Covid-19, and those businesses looking to increase their employee numbers.

Sarah is available to:

*         support businesses through the redundancy process

*         meet in confidence with business owners to provide advice around redundancy options

*         assist employees in finding new roles without having to apply for a benefit

*         connect employers with active job seekers at all levels

*         connect employers with government funding and subsidies to help train new employees in some instances

*         discuss ways to meet businesses' staffing needs

Contact her to find out how you can get support