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Sam started his plumbing apprenticeship with Cashmere company AP Plumbing in 2004. Since then he has had great exposure to a variety of plumbing work including new housing outfits, retrofits/alterations, commercial construction, rural plumbing and the most important and most continual aspect of plumbing – residential maintenance.

Moods Plumbing is a qualified and experienced company serving all of your plumbing needs and putting you on the right track to sort any construction or home maintenance plumbing jobs.

  • We install and repair piping systems, plumbing fixtures and equipment such as water heaters, pumps and backflow prevention devices.
  • We install brand new solar water heating systems in new builds or retrofit any hot water cylinder into your existing home or build.
  • New Installs - from the design phase to laying waste pipes in the floor slab we can provide professional advice on what will work best for your needs and look sharp once you lay down the carpet and move in.
  • A retrofit - alteration covers the full spectrum of plumbing works. Replacing leaky taps, renewing waste pipes and updating your bathroom, kitchen or laundry.
  • WOF - FULL PLUMBING INSPECTION OF YOUR HOME. Great way to see the state of pipework, limit leaks and any foreseenable problems that may occur in the next few months to a year. This is very helpful for home renovators, before buyng or selling a house or planning for future plumbing changes. 

  • Hot Water Cylinder Upgrades
  • Annual check-ups on Hot  Water  Cylinders, Gas Units and water in Fridges
  • Gas conversion
  • Drainage 
  • We also do a short check-up of all general plumbing when we do a visit to a home owner for maintenance. That way we can tell a homeowner of potential cost that might arise in the near future.


Moods Plumbing strives to do this efficiently and with a positive attitude towards customers, the environment and the local community.

We use quality products promoting Kiwi made and guarantee all of our workmanship.

For emergency plumbing call 027 697 4824 – we’ll save your house from water destruction


 Sam Moody
Sam Moody
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