Mycare - Robbie Georgieff

Mycare is changing the way people find support in New Zealand.


Not only are we helping people to find the support they need in their own community, we’ve also built tools to help them manage their ongoing care needs.


Mycare founders Mark Jeffries, Laurie Hilsgen, Robert Stewart and Chris Mathews first started working on the Mycare concept in September 2013. From there, the idea grew into New Zealand’s first online marketplace connecting people to a nationwide network of helping hands.

With thousands of people registered with Mycare, we are now New Zealand’s largest online community for home support services.


Robbie is a former enrolled nurse and a passionate member of Mycare’s Community Outreach team. She helps spread the word about the mutual benefits of becoming a local care worker, to tackle head-on the problems many older New Zealanders face, such as social isolation.

Robbie’s in a great position to educate others about the rewards of providing home help: outside her day job, she’s been supporting people in her own community for the past 12 years.

If you’d like to know more about how you could help give Robbie a call

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