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James joined NZHL in October 2019 after learning the ways in which they help Kiwis become debt free faster. Like many of our clients, he had no idea that there were more options to choose from than just a standard 1, 2, or 3 year fixed interest rate. He felt cheated by his broker and Australian bank and after finding out his interest savings by switching to NZHL, has made it his mission to now help others do the same.

James graduated from the University of Canterbury with a degree in Communications which he obtained through a wide variety of papers including law and finance. He obtained a job in Agriculture working as a Programme Officer in the North Island for a government agency. After some travel he returned to NZ and began work as a Business Development Manager for an office machines and supplies company.

An avid enduro mountain biker – James can regularly be found up the Adventure Park and surrounding trails when he’s not competing nationally. He has had successes in all facets of cycling from road and track cycling through to cross country and downhill.

James has also completed two marathons – he spontaneously signed up for the Rotorua Marathon in 2015 after a night out with some friends who were also doing the marathon – problem was… the marathon was in just two days. Given the very short training window, James managed to finish the event in a respectable time of 4 hours, 35 minutes.

James’ passion for property and investment put him in an excellent stead for helping his clients also achieve their financial goals. His main driver is to create awareness around your biggest asset and make it known you have more options from the bank than just a standard 35 year mortgage with a huge interest bill.


James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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