No 8 Real Estate - Sara Stephen

We are not your typical real estate company and we believe in doing business a little differently . . .”

And that’s why at No.8 we are leading the way with

  • large referral fees
  • free marketing options including the latest technology with 3D virtual reality
  • electronic Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Free appraisal with no strings attached

Sara and Andrew have many years of experience working for corporate real estate companies along with first-hand experience in renovations, new builds and subdivision projects in Australia and New Zealand.

They are not only down to earth and experienced in the wonderful world of real estate but they also have had diverse and worldly backgrounds ranging from the military, industrial design and offshore oil and gas.


With such diverse and rich life experiences Sara and Andrew are well equipped and experienced in dealing with people from all walks of life, in a relaxing down to earth manner.


They believe in living life to its fullest, alongside their beloved border collies, and take great pride and enjoyment guiding and helping people through their real estate journey.


Vendor or Purchaser, you can be confident that Andrew and Sara have the qualities you are looking for.

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Sara Stephen
Sara Stephen
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