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New Zealand Media and Entertainment is where people come together.
From the Cape to Bluff audiences gather in huge numbers to read, listen, and engage with NZME.
We keep Kiwis in the know about what matters most to them. We dig into what’s going on in the world and why, along with the latest and greatest in entertainment.
We do it across over 50 of New Zealand’s leading media brands – each with its own voice, and each powered by the country’s top media personalities, journalists, broadcasters, writers, and commercial thinkers.
Combining radio, digital and print we reach over 3.4 million Kiwis every week. Whether you’re looking to target a mass audience or tap a niche or local market – NZME will put you in front of the right people.
We have your audience, no matter who you’re looking for, Joel will design you a custom media offering unique to your business's needs. It's about keeping it tight, targeted, focused, and successful for you. It's important to us that you are hitting your return-on-investment indicators. 

Contact Joel today to organise a needs analysis session for your business. Takes just 30 minutes and is the first step towards obtaining all your business goals for this year and the next. 



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Joel Crack
Joel Crack
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