Optima Wealth - Hamish Kember

I am very much a values-driven advisor.

To me, it’s important I maintain my sense of ethics by always doing what’s right for my clients and putting their interests first.

My clients say I’m passionate and I really believe in what I’m doing and the way I do it. That’s because I truly believe it’s where the best advice comes from, because it matches what my clients want from life; it’s goal-based advice.

More than just ‘getting a return’; I want to know why you want that return, what will it help you to do with your life? That’s the information I use to build a financial plan that helps you fulfil those intentions. I talk about life first, then put a financial plan in place to get it.

As an independent advisor I'm not working on commission from banks or trading partners so you can rest assured that the advice you are getting is the best advice for you.

It all starts with a casual conversation where and when it suits you, so get in touch for a free consultation.