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We are positive, encouraging, treatment is gentle and we (you and us together) take a different approach to your pain and anxiety.

At Pain Anxiety & Stress Clinic we offer the treatments of

  • Kinesiology – the life changer
  • Naturopathy – how we live and eat
  • Brain Gym - makes us mentally tough and resilient
  • Yoga - teaches us to breath, relax and have great posture,

together with all the knowledge and skills gained by our practitioners from each and every client that comes to the clinic.

Together we – that’s you and us – set a focus and follow that for you to feel well, happy and healthy

Advice may be given on lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, relaxation and well-targeted supplementation.

Anxiety treatment at our place is 'counselling without talking', gently releasing, letting go of the causes of your angst.

We hope you'll 'pop in' before your problems become too overwhelming so give us a call.


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Charlie Wong
Charlie Wong
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