PM Natural Nutrition - Prue McCaughan

I am a Holistic Nutritionist specializing in balancing hormones and gut health.

To me holistic nutrition is living in a way that optimizes your health and wellbeing, including eating food that supports your body, moving in a way that is joyful and beneficial to you and having a mindset that is positive and loving. I like to cut through all the jargon, misinformation and great information to make nutrition, exercise and wellbeing easy and targeted to you, your goals and aspirations.

How do I make nutrition simple - by working with you to put together an eating plan that suits your lifestyle and includes all the wonderful foods that will support your body, give you the energy to conquer your day, and the motivation to reach your goals.

This quote from the Dalai Lama, it is simple but on point “the purpose of life is to be happy, from the very core of our being we simply desire contentment”.  I want to help you find this contentment in yourself.

I am available to meet at your home or office or in a convenient location in the Christchurch City/Selwyn area, or also see clients on skype or over the phone.

So, let me help you to reach your optimal health for now and in years to come.


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