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Did you know the NZ building code is about 20 years behind other developed countries in the OECD? In fact, most houses built today are built to the minimum standard allowed by law. That’s where we’re significantly different. We’ll build your family a warmer, stronger, drier, more energy efficient home with better air quality; designed to perform well beyond NZ 3604 standards.

Our approach to building involves achieving elevated airtightness while using a proven combination of natural building materials. Using building materials individually without considering how they work as a system can lead to damp, unhealthy homes so we use sustainable materials holistically to enable walls to manage moisture. Everything right down to the type of paint and plaster used counts.

Managing the humidity of your home through its very own structure is a particularly cost-effective solution to achieving a healthy, comfortable, energy efficient home.

We’re passionate about building healthy homes because we believe you deserve an affordable alternative to the minimum of the NZ building code. We have applied Health based building best practice to large and small builds. As well as design and build projects we provide award winning renovation and remodelling work.

To ensure a quality result every time our builders are employees, not contractors.

Grant McSherry
Grant McSherry
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