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We are a family owned and operated business living in Sheffield, Canterbury (NZ) who pride ourselves on our services.


We started with only 2 small nucs which are 5 frame bees hives. It wasn't long before they got bigger and our two boys put them into two 10 frame bee hives.

We decided as a family to continue to breed bees and enjoyed our local bee club here in Christchurch Canterbury. It became a passion and a hobby but then in a few short months 10 more hives arrived and we became semi commercial.


We’ve been Bee Keeping in Canterbury since 2016 and our hives are thought the Central Canterbury Region. 


We specialize in…

  • Apiary Management - we work with you and your property regularly visiting and giving bee health checks.
  • Disease InspectionsEvan & Raelene A'Court  (DECA Certificated)
  • Hire a Hive - We manage the hives for you on your property working with you and your family’s needs.
  • Pollination – Crops & fields in the Canterbury area.
  • Queen Bee Breeding - We offer a breeding programme with Virgins & Mated Queens.
  • Swarm Collection - We come to you and collect the bees.
  • Saving the Bees - If you need help with, bees in walls or trees we can help & advise.
  • Paraffin Wax Box Dipping - Waxing of boxes to seal the woodware to keep the bees warmer and drier. We can re-wire, clean & wax frames on request.


If you’re interested in Bees, hives and honey call Raelene

Raelene A'Court
Raelene A'Court
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