Rebecca Fairbrother

Hi, I'm Rebecca Fairbrother. I am genuinely enthused about the New Payments Platform.

I notice problems everywhere. Then, ideas on how to solve them just hit me.   Kapow!

The next set of problems I want to tackle is… What emerging payment products can I design to make payments simpler and better? The New Payments Platform just might provide such an opportunity. 
Efficiency is my thing, not just because I trained as an economist, but because doing shit properly just makes sense. Quick fixes are irksome; elegant design and investment, however, cause me to swoon.

I pride myself on being a little peculiar. My thinking style tends to go against the grain, though it does mean I see things that others often miss. If you're looking for an intrapreneur who is enthused about the NPP, pop me a message.

Once upon a time, when ATM direct charges were first introduced, I was brand new to the Reserve Bank. I became immersed in payments for many a year, then in late 2016 I left to pursue new challenges. 

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

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