Red Tent Aotearoa - Jill Genet

Jill is a vibrant, highly skilled facilitator. She is a colourful change-maker and visionary, with a strong passion for connecting women to make their dreams come true.

She has the life path of the Spiritual Messenger and has taken on the role of gathering the tribe.
With over 20 years experience in running women’s circles and qualifications in Business and Project management, Counselling, Meditation, Compassionate Communication, Red Tent Facilitation & Yoga Teaching her goal is to educate, awaken and enlighten women to their power, strength, and natural gifts. 

Her mission is to support people in running their own businesses and doing what their hearts call them to do! Holding Red Tent Circles provides women with a circle of support around them that creates community and changes everything...

She has now returned home to Aotearoa and started a business mentoring company that holds monthly Red Tent Circles for women, Conscious Conversations for all humans, and runs "Conscious Creators" business networking events for business owners who are making a difference with intention. She is also available for one-on-one consultations. 

Jill Genet
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