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I am a both a qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Reflexologist, opening my business, Reflexionz Wellbeing, in February 2018. I practice from a home clinic at 188 Travis Rd Christchurch. ( hmm what does all that mean? I’ll explain in a minute) 


First a little background

  • Married to Paddy ( originally from Dublin)
  • have 4 adult children ( adult, well that's debatable)
  • have 7 gorgeous grandchildren 
  • been practicing Reflexology in a part time basis, one and off for 15 years gaining my qualifications from Ireland as well as an International qualification
  • Nov 2017 qualified as Clinical Nutritionist from the Naturopathic College of NZ
  • I also have a variety of Certificates in Reiki and Massage etc.,
  • lover of Irish music, food, family, friends, vege gardens and learning


As a Clinical nutritionist I work in a holistic manner to treat my client as a whole person not just a disease or a condition. I take my understanding of health conditions, whole foods and nutrition and combine this knowledge with my client’s health condition, physical assessments, personality, their goals and their needs to create an individualized health plan for them, including diet, lifestyle and sometimes supplements which ultimately leads to success. Phew!  P.S. it’s not all about kale and quinoa.

As a Reflexologist I work in a holistic manner to treat my client as a whole person not just a disease or a condition. I work on my client’s feet to access all parts of their body by applying pressure and other techniques to various points to stimulate out of balance areas in their bodies. This is based on the fact that all nerves (around 7000!) end in the feet, as do all meridian lines (energy lines) which both pass though all areas of the body, and has been scientifically proven to produce results
It is deeply relaxing and non-invasive.


As an educator I run various workshops such as

  • Healthy gut, Healthy Life Fermentation workshop
  • Kick the Sugar
  • Stress Fatigue and Burnout
  • Date night with a difference series

Give me a call for a 15 minute discovery conversation to see if natural healthcare would suit your health challenges.

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Karen Murphy
Karen Murphy
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188 Travis Road
North New Brighton
Christchurch 8083
New Zealand

Member Reviews

I recently had a reflexology session with Karen and it was both relaxing and informative session. Karen has a wealth of knowledge and useful tips for ongoing health to share. Having Karen work on my feet was absolute bliss.