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My Resolve is to work specifically with the needs and expertise of the people in your organisation to provide a variety of needs based services that can support and enhance your organisational goals, objectives and desired outcomes.


My Resolve is to ensure that your needs are met through experiential, interactive and tool based services.


My Resolve is to provide a number of positive change services


  • Mediation and Facilitation


  • Workshops and Training


  • Systems design and development


  • Conflict Coaching/Supervision



Mediation and Shuttle Mediation


At Resolve I can offer you mediation services that are designed to allow individuals to work through their specific issues in a collaborative, non-judgemental process.

As an outside third party I can bring the advantage of providing an opportunity for issues to be clarified and then positive results to be created by the parties involved.


I allow for a respectful, non-judgemental, confidential process that can move people from their difficult positions and create a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Mediation can work for families, businesses, volunteers, employees, neighbours anyone in conflict that would like to avoid escalation or court.





I can facilitate board/staff retreats, community dialogues, focus groups and public debate forums.

I can work with your organisation, community group and business to facilitate a process that allows for a goal to be met, an objective to be achieved or an understanding to be reached.

Large group facilitation works well with sports groups, community groups, teams, workplaces anywhere were on-going relationships are important for best outcomes and productivity




Co-Mediation for Mentoring


I can offer a co-mediation model to assist those learning to be mediators who wish to be guided and coached to develop skill sets after attending trainings. This works well with organisations using mediation/mediation skills internally but would like to enhance the capacity and skill set of the internal providers by offering coaching and mentoring.

Great for HR consultants, supervisors and managers often mediating /facilitating within the workplace.



By meeting with you and completing a personalised needs audit, I am able to offer you a free, no obligation proposal. My Resolve is to ensure that what I am offering you meets your needs.


R – Real Benefits

E – Excellence of service

S – Specific to your needs

O – Outcome focused

L – Learning and Understanding

V – Value for Money

E – Enjoyable


Business - Mentor / Coach
Business Consultant - Human Resources, Culture, Change management
Business Consultant - Mediator
Tracy Scott
Tracy Scott
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