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Yvonne has comprehensive experience in business and personal insurance protection, mortgage broking and estate planning for over 11 years. Prior to this Yvonne worked in the UK and Australia in the financial services sector in marketing and management.

Yvonne is passionate about being an Adviser. She has a “down to earth” manner and works inclusively with clients to gain a real understanding of their particular circumstances to enable the right solutions for their individual needs.

She assisted her partner, at the time, for over 25 years to run his landscaping business and from this gained a personal understanding of the risks and pressures for small business owners.

As a result, she is keen to discuss the benefits of ACC CoverPlus Extra which has been specially designed for the self- employed and business owners. She has a strong technical understanding of the “small print” of insurance contracts which allows her to confidently suggest the insurance options available to clients.

Give Yvonne a call to make sure you have the correct covers in place for your circumstances.

Yvonne Collins
Yvonne Collins
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