Resure - Mackenzie Stenning

As a diligent financial advisor specialising in risk insurance, my main priority is protecting you, your business and your family's future.  A business graduate from the University of Canterbury with nearly a decade of diverse global experience paired with local and professional expertise, I can relate to the ever-changing needs of my clients to customize insurance packages which protect their unique lifestyles. 

I do the hard work for you while making sure you receive the most comprehensive cover to fit your budget, ensuring your most valuable assets are protected. Integrity is paramount in this industry and it's important you have an advisor you can trust to put you first and stand by you every step of the way. 

Resure is a New Zealand company with a strong family focus and an emphasis on tailoring to our clients' needs. We ensure you understand the terms and your entitlement to claim throughout your policy so you receive the best advice and support when you need it the most.

Our unwavering client focus and tireless commitment to the best client outcomes is at the heart of everything we do and you can be assured, when it comes to claim time, we make sure it's a stress-free process for you with us on your side.