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My name is Zansie Maye

I am a Lifestyle Genie at

Our mission is to provide helpful information for you to achieve AgelessnessVitality and Freedom so you can feel attractive, fit, healthy and wealthy whatever your age.

Like us, you are getting older. Let's face it, getting older is inevitable. However, I love that aging is a choice. My choice is to be AGELESS. Agelessness to me means that I am not defined by the number of candles on my cake but by who I am as a person.

We can't stop the clock ticking but we can take charge of how we look, how we feel and how we conduct our lives. It's not about being vain or about being scared of aging, it's about understanding that whether you are 25 or 85, the only reality is in this moment. So age isn't what defines you, it's how you use your moments. We want our moments to count.

So if like us:

  • you want to look youthful and radiant so that how you look in the mirror matches how young you feel on the inside, and you want to do it naturally
  • you want to remain healthy, fit and active for many years to come so you can still go dancing when you're 85 and just enjoy and fully engage in life
  • you have a dream and you don't want to wait until 'retirement age' to do that - I want to travel and have quality time with the ones I love and support that lifestyle in a sustainable way

then stay tuned. Our goal is to INFORM, INSPIRE and EMPOWER so you can create the freedom you dream of to be in charge of your life.

We love to SHARE what we LOVE with people we like so YOU are invited to check out our website and information. Maybe something we share will lead to a life-changing moment for you.

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Zansie Maye
Zansie Maye
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Thank you Zansie for the Powerslips Lipstick. I put in on this morning and it's still there. I actually put a very, very small touch of clear gloss over the top which gives it a small shine. Normally I leave lipstick on all my coffee cups - well not longer! Thanks so much Zansie.