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Rhema has been broadcasting to the people of New Zealand since 1978.

Over the years, we have grown from one man's dream and a backyard studio, to become one of the country's largest radio networks, reaching thousands of people every day.

The first radio station in New Zealand to use satellite technology, we continue to break new ground at the forefront of broadcasting technology.


Renamed Rhema Media in 2014 to better reflect the digital environment in which it now operates, the ministry has come a long way since the early 1960s. Now a multimedia organisation, it reaches the nation and, in fact, the world through four radio networks, one television station, publications, mobile apps and the internet.


Rhema Media can offer you’re the following

  • Enjoy business growth, awareness and increased sales
  • Cost effective campaigns = we offer great deals, significant savings and excellent value for money
  • Our exclusive, dedicated audience (your potential customers) are very loyal and responsive to supporting businesses that advertise with us
  • Our unique and fresh niche audience gives you access to a new market audience that your product or service may not have reached before

We have three growing markets for you to target

  • Life FM (18 - 39 yrs)
  • Rhema (30 – 54 yrs)
  • Star (50+ yrs)
  • Shine (all ages)

This means you are not limited to a specific age group, you have access to all ages, and nationwide marketing to a growing audience


Expanding networks to effectively reach the people of New Zealand - the Rhema Media is now the fourth largest radio station owner, and one of the four organisations that run about 90% of all radio stations in New Zealand

  • Broadcasting since 1978 - credibility and experience
  • Professional, efficient and helpful team, with a great attitude - our account managers will work alongside you to manage your campaign, to ensure success


  • Rhema Media is the biggest wholly private NZ owned network
  • Largest number of frequencies
  • Loyalty of audience
  • Word of mouth effect
  • Only 6 mins of advertising per hour – compared to up to 24mins on other stations

If you would like to talk about advertising for your business call Joel on 021 724 738

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