The Rimu Tree - Adam Curtis

The Rimu tree symbolises strength and longevity. Many years ago, the bark of the tree was used for its healing power. Trees have wonderful energy that represent connection to the earth and spirit just like we us as humans.

Adam works within a multitude of different skillsets and knowledge to help people connect to their inner spirit, restoring themselves and resolving their conflicts.

He has a Master Practitioner qualification in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and NS (Neuro-Semantics). Has studied Reiki and continues spiritual studies.

Adam believes to be truly healthy all areas of mind, spirit and body must be worked on as they all affect each other. This is an area of great interest to Adam and he spends many hours a week researching this and finding simple things we can do help our overall health.

He also is the Director of Curtis Architecture with his wife Casey and a father to two young kids Ruby and Hazel.

Some of the common services offered are:

  • Personal and Business Coaching
  • Therapy
  • Energy balancing and testing
  • Spiritual healing and guidance

No matter the challenges you are facing call or message Adam today.

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Adam Curtis
Adam Curtis
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Member Reviews

Adam's business coaching helped me take ownership of my business. 

Highly recommended for any business owner who wants direction, focus and  success.