Safelet - Sharron Jones

The Safelet is a smart and stylish safety bracelet that, with a simple press of a button, alerts your friends and family of your location and that you need help.

The unique idea behind Safelet is that you can create your own safety community. You can nominate friends and family to be alerted in the case of an emergency. You can also elect to connect to the larger Safelet guardian network. This means that Safelet guardians within a 500m radius of you will also be alerted. An ideal function if you are travelling away from home.

We all strive to be independent and active. And so we should. But navigating this big and exciting world isn’t always easy and at times we all feel a little vulnerable. Sometimes it’s just good to know that there are people around you that would jump to your aid if anything was wrong.

In an emergency, it’s often impossible to reach for your phone. Safelet is a ‘smart bracelet’ that lets you instantly alert your community of guardians so they know where you are and that you need help.

It’s about removing the worry so that you can do all the everyday things you want to do. Safe in the knowledge that a network of guardians is always by your side.