Social - Ryan Burnett

Do you actually need some help because no one knows you exist ?

We can certainly get you seen and more importantly, understood by the customers that might be keen on your services.

Welcome to Social. Not your run-of-the-mill, hey would you look at me in my nice suit as I walk around and do lunch on your $$$$ social media agency (actually, let’s not say agency. Agencies charge a shit load, and you normally have 25 people to deal with to get shit done)....Let’s say, social media individual.

Because, no lie, it’s me that’s going to be in charge of all of your content, your ads, and making you look REEEEALL good in front of the camera. We’ll never release control and send your content somewhere else on the cheap, we’re here to sort it out in-house and on time.

Like a person on a boat said - ‘commmeee aboooaardd, weeevveeee beeeeen expeccccttiinnggg you’

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