Survus Consultants - Amber Arkell

Amber Arkell is Survus Consultant’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

Survus are land surveyors in Canterbury and have been doing so for over sixty years.

Whilst clients use Survus for their services (including surveying, resource management and civil engineering) the reason they go back is because of their philosophy of “Great Service” being a fundamental part of their company design architecture.

Survus, at its core, is a group of people who care about their customers. The ‘what they do’ isn’t as important as ‘why they do it’. That’s driven by their passionate team of people who enjoy overdelivering. Best work, best output, best results.

Services and area of expertise include helping with

  • Subdivisions
  • Cross-lease conversions
  • Flats Plan Updates
  • Architects’ requirements
  • Builders requirements
  • Civil engineering
  • Residential properties
  • Rural & Lifestyle properties
  • Developers needs
  • Real Estate Agents property advice

It doesn’t matter if you know exactly what you want or have absolutely no idea, just call Survus and they will make sure you get what you need and none of the services you don’t.

They have a strict ‘there’s no such thing as a bad questions’ policy.


Amber Arkell
Amber Arkell
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