Traction Business Acceleration Ltd – Darlene Mathieson

Traction Business Acceleration has four key elements and one vision – to help business owners accelerate their success, both professionally and personally.





Business and personal branding, promotional material and signage.



Online and offline marketing, strategies and innovation.



Business strategy, multiple income streams, mindset and motivation.



Strategic marketing, business planning and goal achievement.


“I believe that the success of a business directly correlates to the mindset of the business owner.” – Darlene Mathieson, managing director of Traction Business Acceleration.


With nineteen years experience in working with small and medium sized organisations throughout New Zealand, we have built up the knowledge and expertise to help move your business from where it is now, to help identify and achieving the vision you have for the future.


Industry experience in mentoring, marketing, graphic design, copy writing, signwriting, book binding and printing gives our clients a significant advantage with a holistic approach to developing and growing their businesses.


A fresh set of eyes, knowledgeable insight, innovative strategies and creative problem solving all contribute to the ongoing success we deliver to our clients.


Let’s review your business, branding, marketing and strategies, and help you move towards the goals and vision you have for your business.


Darlene Mathieson – Business Consultant

Darlene is passionate about business, and a natural entrepreneur, starting her first of many businesses at eight years old. Over the past nineteen years she has worked with hundreds of business owners to help develop and grow their business and achieve success.


The most valuable contribution, she finds, is when a business owner is stuck - with their business direction, their marketing or their branding. Darlene has a unique ability to work with business owners to understand their business, their current position, their skill set and their current mindset. She then uses this knowledge to guide them into utilising the right strategies, taking the right action, and identifying new opportunities.


“Business and racing are two of my passions. Let me help you get on track, boost your business, and achieve your goals.”


Business - Mentor / Coach / Consultant
Copy Writer, Editor
Graphic Designer
Social Media & Online Marketing