Transition Navigators - Robyn Johnston

Robyn founded Transition Navigators because she recognised that many older people and their families needed help navigating the changes to their living arrangements.

Robyn and her team are passionate about ensuring older people have a good quality of life by finding the best solution to their accommodation needs.

Developing your plan B 

We are an independent service designed to enhance the wellbeing of older people. We assist you and your family to plan your living arrangements at this important life stage as it’s not always easy to work out what accommodation choice is right for you and what support is available to you, either in your own home or within the wider community.

We help older people who

  • want to put into place plans to adapt their home so it is more suitable for their changing needs
  • to recognise when their home no longer supports their needs
  • develop with them the criteria they are looking for in their new home.

We are committed to finding the best accommodation solution for each older person so that their quality of life is assured.

Your Life Stage Plan
We create an actionable individualized plan that meets the needs of each older person.

This includes:

  • Visiting you in your home and talking with you about your needs and wishes
  • Researching the options that best meets your needs
  • Drawing up a plan outlining the best options for you
  • Revisiting you to present the written plan and discussing this with you

Additional support and services
At Transition Navigators we recognise that each situation is unique. We are able to offer additional services tailored to individual requirements.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Speaking with key family members, with your permission
  • Helping organise health assessments
  • Helping you understand the criteria for funding
  • Helping you gather the information to apply for a subsidy, if you are eligible
  • Helping you engage services (lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, movers, etc.)
  • Helping you organise your belongings
  • Arranging visits to retirement home providers for you
  • Accompanying you on the visits to your selected retirement homes

We are here to help with the finer details of enacting your Life Stage Plan. We will discuss your options objectively and with compassion.

Contact us to discuss your needs. We will provide a quote for your Life Stage Plan and all additional services you may require.