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VG Accountancy Limited is a Christchurch Based accountancy firm providing tailored accountancy, tax & business advice services, to best meet your individual needs.

Vicki Hembry has been an accountant for over 20 years, both in the UK & NZ. Having studied in Christchurch she went off for the usual OE, that turned into a much longer stay than planned!

Since returning to New Zealand Vicki was a Senior Client Advisor with a Chartered Accountancy firm, ensuring all her clients accountancy needs & tax obligations were met. This covered a vast range of businesses types & sizes, growing Vicki’s desire to make sure her clients had the information they needed as accurately & as quickly as possible. Vicki has over 5 years of experience of working with Xero & is a Certified Xero Advisor.

Give us a call, we’d love to meet for a free consultation to discuss your tax & accounting requirements.

Vicki Hembry
Vicki Hembry
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9 De Thier Lane
Richmond Hill
Christchurch 8081
New Zealand