Visualised - Belinda Osgood

Visualised is a creative business selling our handmade pieces of art, greeting cards, gifts, photography and more.


We specialise in the making of beautiful custom pieces to order:


Stunning custom greeting cards for any occasion. From the normal A6 sized card to 3-D pop up and fold out cards, we delight in producing beautiful pieces that can become a treasure for the recipient to keep for many years.


Unique personalised hand drawn name plates perfect gift for

  • a new baby
  • a birthday present for a child
  • or gift for an adult.

Every one is hand drawn and different.

A guaranteed one-off work of art for every order.


Hand made gifts and cards are always warmly received. They are crafted with attention to detail, and a passion for what we do. This heart and soul carries through into each product.


We are also available to make custom orders for businesses who want to inject some personality and a personal touch into their communications with clients

  • mini cards for thank you's to clients
  • a special inclusion in a Christmas gift bag
  • a business name hand drawn and decorated in our unique style.


Check out our online accounts for ideas and possibilities, or give Belinda a call to discuss your ideas.

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