The Wilderness Vet - Caroline Murray

Caroline Murray has worked as a clinical veterinarian for 23 years around the world, graduating from Liverpool University with a degree in Zoology and Veterinary Science and a Masters in Australian wildlife and conservation from Murdoch University in Australia.  She has worked and travelled extensively in third world and Western countries, performing a variety of small, large, mixed animal, wildlife, exotics, emergency, government and charity work.  Her ability to speak and write French has been beneficial for working in remote West Africa.  She has been a volunteer vet on the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska, the Mongol Derby horse endurance race in Mongolia and the Ride the Wild Coast horse endurance ride in South Africa.

In 2019 Caroline started writing online travel articles and plans to write a book about her career and overseas adventures.  She is also interested in doing local radio, newspaper and magazine articles on animal health topics, being a TV presenter for wildlife/conservation/travel documentaries, disaster rescue and delivering veterinary aid and training to remote rural communities. 

In the meantime she is a self employed vet in Blenheim, doing animal acupuncture and investigating starting up a mobile veterinary service - she would welcome any interested financial or IT collaborators. Having overcome some major mental and physical health challenges over the last few years, she is also a passionate advocate for suicide prevention, mental health and perimenopausal women’s health, and has recently started doing online podcasts about veterinary work, travelling and health issues.

Caroline Murray
Caroline Murray
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