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I’m passionate about health and wellness and have first-hand experience about how hard it can be to prioritise yourself and your well-being when you have a family.

Seeing a desperate need for a place where women can feel supported, train, laugh, and smash their goals I opened my private training studio. It’s a private space where you don’t feel intimidated, nor have people staring at you.

For women, with all that we do and deal with, from hormones, to working and raising a family, to running around doing pick-ups and drop offs the weight can creep on, you start to feel like rubbish and before you know it you aren’t the best version of you. Stop the cycle now, message me to have a catch up over a coffee and find out how I can help you.

With so many free trials, promises of results, challenges, low fees out there why should you keep reading?
Yes you could try an 8 week challenge, get results but then what?
We're not here to bribe you with free stuff constantly, to promise you the earth nor do we focus only on exercise.

At You Can! Fitness Solutions we have a whole body holistic approach.
Tailoring your training to YOUR goals and desired outcomes.

We also work with a tribe of other amazing women such as a wellness coach, massage therapist and clinical nutritionist so we can offer you access to other modalities to support you in your journey.

My ladies have had results, I won't lie about that.
They've managed to reduce their hot flushes, they've built and retained muscle.
And you know what?
The majority of them are 35+.

Don't buy into the "this is your lot" mentality.
Its not.
We don't accept that as an excuse.
Neither should you.

Your first 2 sessions is free, no strings attached.

No excuses now!!


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Kirsten Russell
Kirsten Russell
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