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I've been intrigued by anatomy and the freedom movement brings since I was a child. No surprise then, that I was drawn to the fitness industry where I've worked for 15 years as a fitness instructor, P.E. and health teacher and tutor/assessor for the National Certificate in Fitness and Personal Training.


I first encountered Pilates through a mat class at Contours gym in 2000. After training as a teacher and tutor, I discovered Romana's Pilates – the real deal – created and taught by the protégé of Joseph Pilates himself. Studying the authentic method was profound.

So inspiring that I retrained as a Romana's Pilates instructor and in 2011, made it my full-time job.


Nothing beats the control and connection it gives or seeing people become one with their bodies. Once you 'get' the method, you never want to give it up.


I believe everyone needs Pilates in their life. It is the best form of self-care you can provide for yourself.  


By creating Your Space Pilates Christchurch, a mobile service, I can get to you at a time and place that suit. 


Take a class at…

  • work
  • your home
  • online
  • a community centre near by. 


I will make it easy for you to get Pilates into your life.  I bring all the equipment you'll need for a mat class; you bring appropriate clothing and a positive attitude. 


I want to get you away from energy draining, tension-creating desks and help you to reconnect, breathe, strengthen, lengthen and revitalise your body, mind, and spirit.


Give it a go !


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Mary Hurrell
Mary Griffins-Hurrell
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