Terms and conditions

“The Networkers NZ” has the expectation that all Members & Visitors will honour the values of the organisation. These are that we …

  • create opportunities for everyone
  • do what we say
  • give you a voice
  • are fun to be with

“The Networkers NZ” will to the best of its ability provide the following:

  • Weekly Business meetings at a set time & venue (except over the summer break).
  • Regular Business networking events (in addition to regular meetings).
  • Your Business profile on the website which can be updated as requested.
  • Regular Facebook postings which promote groups and members.
  • 24/7 “Online Community” closed Facebook page
  • On-going support from your Facilitator and the Leadership Team.
  • Opportunities to speak and present your business at weekly meetings.
  • Share upcoming events and promotions related to your business.

Membership is continuous until termination in writing or by email from a Member or “The Networkers NZ”.

  • Membership may be paid in 1,3,6 & 12 month instalments.
  • Membership of $600/pa + GST equates to $50 + GST monthly (12months per year).
  • Membership fees, once paid, cannot be refunded.
  • “Membership” applies to the person who attends meetings and signs the agreement. Should they be unable to continue an invitation will be extended to the next person on the waiting list.
  • A credit note (equal to the value of one month’s membership fees) will be credited to a Member’s membership if they recommend a visitor who joins a group, upon receipt of that new Member’s first payment.
  • When placing a Membership on hold, all Membership services will be withdrawn until membership is reinstated and payment restarts (at the discretion of the organisation).
  • One month’s notice of Membership termination in writing (email) applies.
"The Networkers NZ" Code of Ethics:

Members are expected to …

  • maintain a professional, personal and business standard.
  • create opportunities and provide quality leads.
  • follow up opportunities provided and give feedback.
  • keep information shared at meetings confidential.
  • be welcoming to all Visitors and Members when they attend meetings.
  • exhibit an inclusive, supportive, respectful & caring attitude to everyone.
  • adhere to “The Networkers” values.
Membership Contact details and Usage:

Our membership contact details are for the purpose of ‘creating opportunities” and not for soliciting via email, direct mail or other means. One-on-one meetings are recommended to build synergies and relationships.

By joining “The Networkers” you give permission to have your Profile with your name, email, phone number and other relevant business information on our website & social media etc


We send out emails every 1-2 months as a way of updating Visitors/Members of developments. Members & Visitors who attend our meetings agree & give permission for us to place you on our email list. If this is unacceptable please unsubscribe or email us to that affect.


For the purposes of email communication, a group Facilitator may be cc’d into business emails between the organization and one of their group members when deemed appropriate so everyone is on the same page.

Use of Images, Content and Video:

Members and Visitors who attend our meetings/events agree that photographs and videos taken by “The Networkers” may be used on our social & other media, print and website platforms. “The Networkers” retains ownership of all still and video images for use at its discretion.


We are not liable or responsible to your business for any loss under these terms & conditions.

General Policies for Members:
  1. Any person or company is permitted to join a group as long as the service is legal & professional.
  2. Only one company from each profession/industry per group.
  3. Transfer from one group to another is permitted if your profession/industry is available.
  4. Members who wish to change their service classification may do so, providing it causes no conflict of interest and is a true reflection of the service and/or product offered.
  5. Weekly attendance is recommended to build opportunities. If you are absent for 4 consecutive meetings without notifying administration, we reserve the right to bring on a second business within your industry.
  6. We welcome and encourage you to introduce visitors to any of our meetings.
  7. From time to time “The Networkers” policies may change without notice.
  8. One membership/industry per group – if you wish to attend more than one group then registration and paid membership is required. Commitment to each group is expected.
  9. To honour our venues we recommend that you order a drink/food.
  10. Genuine reviews on a service/product used are appreciated.


“The Networkers” stands for and encourages diversity, tolerance and equality. We strive to have an inclusive, safe, respectful and supportive business environment within the organisation..


Therefore we will not tolerate

  • prejudices of any kind including those against gender, ethnicity, religion, age, political ideals, sexual orientation; class or disability.
  • bullying, harassment, intimidation, breach of privacy; spamming etc. of Networkers visitors and Members within or outside of our meetings.

Such behaviour will be investigated; warnings issued and termination of membership may occur.

Payment of invoices:

Invoices are payable on due date unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Having accepted our services and continuing to attend the meetings you are deemed to have accepted “The Networkers NZ” terms and conditions by default. No signature is required.

Outstanding invoices at due date will incur a 2% penalty of the total value of the invoice.

All legal and collection costs in relation to the overdue account will be added to the Members outstanding balance should this option need to be used. We referred outstanding invoices to a Credit Control Agency for collection when our endeavors to collect outstanding fees have been exhausted.

Intellectual Property

“The Networkers” owns the intellectual property rights of the website and underlying systems including all still & video images, information, data, text, graphics, photographs, logos, icons plus “look & feel”.

Privacy Policy

When you provide personal information to us, we will comply with the NZ Privacy Act 1993. Information will only be passed on in the case of credit control purposes or when required by applicable law, any court or in response to a legitimate request by a law enforcement agency. We will never sell your information to any third party.

  1. One month notice period in writing (or email) applies.
  2. If any member fails to comply with “The Networkers” values and/or its policies their Membership may be reviewed and revoked immediately by written notice. That Member’s information and any associated business will be removed from the Website.
  3. “The Networkers” holds the right to delete any information, advertising or service that breaches our Values and/or Terms & Conditions or might be considered inappropriate.
  4. No Refunds or Credits for partially used periods are given under any circumstances.