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What to expect at a Networkers meeting

When you visit a group, we recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before the official start to order your coffee (&/or breakfast) and introduce yourself to the Facilitator, who will make you feel welcome.

Our meetings start with general business and news from all of the group, followed by the main speaker who shares a 15-20 minute presentation. Our speakers come from all industries and walks of life. For the last part of the meeting we break out into smaller groups, which gives you the chance to speak about your business, share successes and ask for input on your current challenges around the table.

Meetings last for an hour, although many Members schedule additional meetings either before or after the main meeting.

Why attend a Networkers meeting?

The Networkers is a great opportunity to:

  • Build relationships, discover opportunities and form collaborations with other businesses.
  • Feel included in a supportive community who understand the business journey.
  • Find local suppliers you can talk with face-to-face with and can rely on.
  • Develop your speaker presentation skills and share your passion.
  • Add balance to your week with an engaging , light-hearted meeting.
  • Access our online community for easy, continuous collaboration throughout the week.

We don’t have restrictive criteria for who can attend - if you’re in business, working for a business, or thinking about going into business, we would love to hear from you to see which group would be the most suitable for you to attend.

Please note that we do limit our groups to one person per industry, so you won’t have any direct competitors in your group, and everyone’s business has space to flourish.

How much does it cost?

You may attend 2 free meetings as a visitor. This allows you to check out if Networkers is a good fit for you and your business.  

After your 2 week visitor period you may wish to become a member.

Our yearly Membership is $600pa + GST. Most Members prefer a monthly invoice of $50 + GST ongoing every month, setting up an automatic payment. Three, six and 12 month payment options are also available depending on your preference. 

Would you like to visit?

Contact us, and we'll call you to find out which community will work best for you.

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